Marketing roles are essential to the success of any business. They are responsible for promoting the organisation's products or services, building brand awareness, and generating leads and sales. Without effective marketing, businesses would struggle to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

There are several key roles within a marketing department. The first is a marketer, who is responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns. This includes everything from creating content for social media and email marketing to managing advertising campaigns and events.

Another important role is a copywriter, who is responsible for creating compelling copy that engages and persuades customers. They write everything from website copy and product descriptions to email campaigns and social media posts.

A content researcher is also an important role within a marketing department. They are responsible for conducting research on industry trends, competitor activity, and customer behaviour. This information is used to inform marketing strategies and ensure that the organisation stays ahead of the competition.

Finally, marketing departments often have specialists in areas such as SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and ASO (App Store Optimization). These roles are responsible for optimizing the organisation's online presence, ensuring that it ranks well in search engines and social media platforms, and driving traffic to the organisation's website or app.

Marketing plays a key role in driving business growth and revenue, which can provide great job satisfaction. Marketing gives you the opportunity, to be creative whilst looking at problem solving. These roles have great career progression with fantastic salary packages when you do begin to move into more managerial positions. 

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Marketing Director

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Marketing Specialist

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Marketing Consultant

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Marketing Analyst

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Marketing Manager

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Marketing Coordinator

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Marketing & Promotions Manager

“I don't know where to begin with how amazing this agency has been! I mainly spoke with Bronlie however both her and the team at Optimise have been supportive, lovely and kept me updated through the entire process. I applied for two roles through Optimise Recruitment. The first, I was unsuccessful however I was given feedback and Bronlie helped me to remain positive. I was then put forward for another role which was described as being 'a perfect fit' for me. After going through the job description and highlighting what I was experienced in etc, they put me forward for the role. I got an interview which Bronlie prepped me for and answered any questions/concerns I had. Within two hours of the interview, I was contacted to find out how I felt the interview went. The hiring manager had slight concerns about me travelling to work and back due to the distance from where I live to the office. I explained to Bronlie that the distance will not be an issue for me to which she replied "I'll 100% have your back then when I speak to ____". As a result of her vouching for me, I received a job offer which, of course, I accepted. I can't thank Bronlie and the team enough because within two weeks of first speaking with Optimise, I managed to secure a role! Now, in just a few weeks, I'll be starting my new role which I couldn't be more excited for! If I ever find myself needing a new role in marketing, then I will 100% be using Optimise again.” Sian – Marketing Executive

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